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  • What security do you require?
    As part of the funding process we take ownership over the livestock and use the livestock as the security. We register this interest on the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). Appropriate guarantees and additional security may be required depending on your personal circumstances.
  • Will you have a right to caveat/ mortgage clause in the documentation?
    Yes we do – it will be taken where an event of default occurs or is deemed to occur
  • Do you take a mortgage?
    Typically not, but depending on your circumstances and the limit requested our credit team may seek additional security to support your application.
  • Does Agrifunder require a Guarantee?
    If the application is not at a level where there are acceptable credit metrics we may ask for equity support via a guarantor or where a corporate relationship applies between individuals and a trust or company, a guarantee may be sought

Buying & Selling



Livestock Agent

  • What happens if clients decide to sell through another agent?
    We view our relationship with our agents to be a mutually beneficial one and encourage our Operators to sell Agrifunder livestock through their primary agent In the event that an Operator does not sell through their primary agent we require the Operator to advise this prior to the purchase
  • What do I need to know when dealing with Agrifunder invoices or account sales?
    1 . Direct all Invoices and Account Sales to: info@agrifunder.com.au 2. Invoices and Account Sales must be named as follows: [Client] as agent for Agrifunder Pty Ltd ABN 52 622 246 486 (full company name and ABN must be noted) 3. PIC movement of livestock must be completed before invoices will be paid 4. For any new agency or account details, verbal confirmation of your bank details must be completed prior to payment for fraud prevention purposes 5. Payment of Agrifunder livestock must be applied directly to the Agrifunder account; Name: Agrifunder Finco No. 1 Pty Ltd BSB:                   062-692 ACC:                   3731-0519 For any questions or support, please contact the Agrifunder Operations team on 1800 247 438 or at  info@agrifunder.com.au
  • How do I know if Agrifunder livestock funding may suit my clients?
    Some key questions to ask to clients:
    1. Does the producer need capital to fund trading stock?
    2. Do they have trading experience greater than 12 months?
    3. Are they fattening/finishing stock within 12 months?
    4. Are they trading >$100k of stock per annum or looking to grow beyond $100k in trading?
    5. Do they own the property on which stock are held? If No, will the owners of the leasehold/agistment sign a right of entry?
    If the answers above are 'Yes', please feel free to call us to discuss your client’s needs or direct them to contact us via our website or phone 1800 247 438.
  • What is the application process that my clients need to follow for Agrifunder livestock funding?
    For Agrifunder to better understand your client and their business we undertake a Credit Limit Assessment:   Step 1: Client completes Online Application   Go to https://agrifunder.com.au/contact-agrifunder/ to fill in the required information. Paper applications are available on request   Step 2: Client provides supporting information   After submitting the online application, Agrifunder will require the following information:
    • Statement of Position (template available via the online application)
    • 2 years Financial Accounts and Tax Returns (most recent within 18 months)
    • Rates Notice for owned property where livestock will be held
    • Certified copy of your Trust Deed (if applicable to your borrowing structure)
    • Certified copy of relevant individuals Driver’s Licenses
      Step 3: Agrifunder completes assessment   Agrifunder will complete the assessment within 2 business days of receiving all required information. On successful outcome, required documentation is issued and the client is provided their online account login to commence trading etc.   Please note: the assessment MUST be completed before stock arrive to the property otherwise the related invoice may not be paid. On request it can arranged to apply security before assessment is completed if a sale opportunity is imminent.
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