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Livestock finishing finance

Livestock funding for cattle and sheep

Agrifunder livestock finishing finance has been designed to help you profit from the increasing global demand for protein.

100% funding for the purchase price of livestock is provided for selected operators who are finishing cattle and/or sheep for domestic and export markets.

The product has been designed to provide you with greater flexibility when it comes to funding livestock and managing the cashflow and growth of your business.

Security is taken over the livestock rather than land and the livestock trade is repaid once the livestock are sold. We are an independent business which allows you to make the call with your use of agents.

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Finishing finance product features

Credit limit

$200k – $2m

(funding requests outside of this range will be reviewed on a case by case basis)

Maximum placement term*

Up to 12 months

*A placement refers to funding for a particular livestock trade. Once an operator has been approved for funding by Agrifunder they will be given a limit within which they can apply for funding for livestock trades

Standard security

Taken over the purchased livestock via PPSR PMSI

(AF will not fund sheep on a property where another financier owns/funds livestock unless RFID tags are used). Appropriate guarantees are required and additional security may apply

Interest rate

Market competitive interest rates apply Funding costs are only charged on the GST exclusive amount


Establishment fee covers the costs of all required searches and admin

Livestock finishing finance – how it works:

Once a credit limit has been approved and established, to begin trading the Operator submits a placement application for each of the placements (trades) they wish to proceed with.

1 The Operator purchases livestock and decides to fund the livestock using Agrifunder livestock funding 2 The Operator submits a placement application which reflects the details of the trade 3 Upon approval Agrifunder settles the invoice(s) and takes ownership of the livestock 4 The Operator manages the growth and performance of the livestock 5 The Operator arranges to sell the livestock 6 Agrifunder pays the Operator once Agrifunder receives the proceeds from the sale minus the finance costs

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