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About Agrifunder

Working capital for agricultural businesses

We understand the agricultural industry is complex and requires specialised solutions

Providing access to capital is a key area that we have chosen to focus our solutions towards.

We believe our funding platform driven by our team which has strong connections and expertise in the agrifinance sector will be able to help solve this industry challenge and support the growth of agricultural businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Our aim is to focus on key primary industries, constantly developing our working capital solutions to meet the growing needs of our customers across the supply chain.

Our Vision

To grow agricultural businesses

Our Values

Have fun, get stuff done
Life’s short – we’re here to enjoy it and make an impact.

Never turn up empty handed
We’ve been brought up by good old fashioned country values. For us never turning up empty handed means always having value to add whether it be big or small.

Always shut the gate
A phrase that for many of us still rings in our ears. It’s the memory of our mum or dad, grandparents, brothers or sisters reminding us to shut the gate so the stock don’t get out. For us it means – get the job done properly.

Live & Breathe it
Farming is more than a business it is a lifestyle. Through the good times and the tough times we live and breathe it with our customers.

Think of generations past, present and future
We are grateful for the knowledge that past generations have passed on. We aim to learn from their experience in order to understand the needs of the current generation, and be conscious of what we are leaving behind for future generations.

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