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Application Process

To start your application for funding with Agrifunder click here.
As part of your credit limit application the following information is required:

  • Statement of Position (SOP) with livestock summary. (Dependent on your equity position some form of guarantor support may be required).
  • Historical financial reports for a minimum of two consecutive years dated within 18 months. Must include Profit & Loss (with Livestock Trading Statement as available) and Balance Sheet).
  • For each Individual/Director/Trustee/all Landholders a certified copy of driver’s licence(s)
  • A certified copy of the Trust Deed or Partnership Deed and Corporate Structure if relevant
  • Rates notices

Once all information has been provided and your application has met the Agrifunder credit approval requirements approval can be provided within 2 business days.

You will be sent an operating contract via email for you to review and sign. We strongly recommend that you obtain independent legal and financial advice before signing this document, any related guarantee or collateral security.

You will also receive an email with a link to your Agrifunder online account where you can submit your invoices as part of your placement application for approval and funding.

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