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Using pasture information when deciding what to trade

Spring 2022 is set-up to be another productive season for graziers in Australia’s south-east. Most areas are close to maximum saturation condition for soil moisture. Let’s look at a simple scenario for a spring trade to understand these factors.


Assessing pasture quantity and quality

Managing pasture quantity and quality across different seasons, are crucial aspects of optimising livestock performance. Pasture budgeting provides opportunities to both increase carry capacity or identify feed shortages in advance of the surplus or deficit.


Buying and selling livestock - a guide to managing risk when trading

Livestock trading is a useful tool for boosting farm incomes when surplus feed is available. To confidently trade it is best to do the sums for a range of opportunities now, setting yourself some benchmark returns to cover the risks. That way you won’t miss opportunities for want of not being prepared.


Making the most of better seasons by trading cattle

Although there is not much we can be certain about when it comes to the production and market risk in farming, there is one thing we know for sure. To generate maximum profits over the long term requires capitalising on the above average seasons.


Is there still a margin in store lamb trading?

To gain some insight into how traders can assess their trading options and navigate the associated risk, Aggregate Consulting provides an overview of the fundamentals of trading livestock and a case-study on trading store lambs in the current market.


Restocking in a high price beef cattle market?

Aggregate shares some insights

Many producers will have started the 2021 season with surplus feed, and together with beef prices at historically high levels, there is huge opportunity for businesses to generate unprecedented profits in the beef industry.

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