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Purchases & Sales

  • The Operator negotiates for the purchase of livestock from a vendor
  • The Operator receives the invoice and uploads the invoice (as part of their placement application) to their Agrifunder online account which is then reviewed, approved and scheduled for payment direct to the vendor:
    • Invoices are to be addressed: ‘[Operator] as Agent for Agrifunder Pty Ltd’
    • Include Agrifunder’s ABN 52 622 246 486
  • Provided that the transaction meets Agrifunder’s requirements Agrifunder will settle the invoice
    • Settlement requirements:
      • Operator must adhere to their approved Agrifunder limit
      • NLIS tags/mob movement must be on the correct PIC where applicable (cattle and sheep)
      • The Operator must provide instruction for Agrifunder to settle their relevant invoices

Purchasing livestock through an Agent:

  • Agrifunder does not hold credit accounts with livestock agents or livestock exchanges
  • Accordingly, prior to purchasing livestock, the operator should have their own account in place with an Agent. The responsibility of the settlement of the invoice ultimately rests with the Operator (which is why it is advisable for a credit limit to be established with the Agent)
  • In the event that an invoice doesn’t meet our requirements we will work with all parties to seek a resolution
  • Agents can contact Agrifunder (1800 247 438, info@agrifunder.com.au) prior to the purchase of livestock to confirm that the Operator has an active facility with limit availability. Agrifunder will respect the Operator’s confidentiality and only release appropriate details for the Agent to meet the settlement requirements

Selling livestock:

  • The Operator sells the livestock as Agent for Agrifunder and enters the details from the sale in their online account
  • Once full proceeds for a livestock sale are received by Agrifunder and sale details are entered by the customer in their online account, Agrifunder will deduct the purchase price and funding costs and the remainder of the proceeds are paid to the Operator within 2 business days.
  • Payments from Agrifunder to the Operator will be accompanied by a performance summary and relevant transaction details
  • All trading profits and losses are on account of the Operator
  • Sales Invoice / Kill Sheet is to be made out to ‘[Operator] as Agent for Agrifunder Pty Ltd’
    • The Sales Invoice must include Agrifunder’s ABN 52 622 246 486 o A copy should be sent to the Operator and Agrifunder at info@agrifunder.com.au
    • The full livestock proceeds must be sent from the Selling Agent/Processor direct to Agrifunder’s proceeds account. It is the responsibility of the Operator to ensure that this happens
  • Agrifunder’s proceeds account details are:
    • BSB: 062-692
    • ACC: 3731-0519

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