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Document Certification Guide

As part of the Agrifunder application process certain documents (e.g. IDs and Trust deeds) need to be certified as originals for validation purposes.
Certification can be confirmed by the following options:
Via an Agrifunder employee meeting the applicant in person (no further action)
Via an authorised person in any of the following fields (see A below):
• A member of the police force
• The sheriff or a deputy sheriff
• A member or a former member of either House of the State/Federal Parliament
• A senior officer of a Council
• A councillor of a municipality
• A registered medical practitioner
• A dentist
• A veterinary practitioner
• A pharmacist
• A principal in the teaching service
• A manager of a bank
• A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
• The secretary of a building society
• A Justice of the Peace or a Bail Justice
• Other reasonably authorised who professional can be confirmed with Agrifunder
➔ A. Where an authorised person is sought to verify documents, copies of the identifiers (e.g. Driver’s Licence) or documents (e.g. Trust Deeds) are signed by the Certifier along with text to the effect:
I certify this to be a true and correct copy of the original.
[Name, occupation, date, signature, JP Registration # if available]

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